Itinerary of the Tour

Robert Merriman, XV Brigade Chief of Staff at Brigade Estado Mayor near Batea, 19th to 26th March 1938

SPAIN 1936 to 1939

The memories and the places of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade…..

Thursday October 28th to Thursday November 11th 2010

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Thursday October 28th. Visitors arrive  and met at Madrid airport. Rest at Hostal Victoria I, Madrid near Puerta de Sol. Meal and explanation of the final programme and any alterations. Questions answered. Sleep at Hostal Victoria I.

Friday October 29th. Visit to Jarama battlefield, trenches, American positions, Lunch at Meson El Cid. Museum of the Battle of Jarama. Morata de Tajuna cemetery. Arganda Bridge & memorial to Charlie Donnolly. Sleep at Hostal Victoria I.

Saturday 30th October. Visit to battle of Brunete and to private museum in Quijorna. Lunch in Vilanueva de la Canada, Brunete Plaza Mayor, Mosquito Hill and museum in Quijorna.  Sleep at Hostal Victoria I.

Sunday 31st October. Leave Hostal Victoria I and visit the Rastro, a huge Open Air Market in the centre of Madrid. Lunch in Madrid. Drive to Mondejar and Albares where the XV Brigade and the Lincoln battalion rested after Jarama from June to December 1937. Visit church used as barracks in Albares and Plaza Mayor in Mondejar where XV Brigade paraded when the British battalion was presented with its battalion banner and battalion pennants were presented to each battalion on November 30th 1937. View Ambite Mill (XV BrigadeEstado Mayor) on the way to Mondejar. Drive to Tarazona de la Mancha. Sleep at Hostal la Mancha.

Monday 1st November. Visit buildings associated with XV Brigade training base. Visit to church and other buildings associated with the IB. Afternoon. Visit to Albacete including the Bullring with possible visit to CEDOBI at the University of Castile la Mancha. Sleep at Hostal la Mancha.

Tuesday 2nd  November. Drive to Huete. Guided tour of Huete Hospital (“Hospital Britanic”). Comparison of photos taken there in 1937. Lunch. Possible visit to American hospital in neighbouring village of Valdeganga. Sleep at Casa Rural Alhambra, Huete.

Wednesday 3rd November. Drive to Teruel. Meet local historian Alfonso Casas, secretary of the association of the Battle of Teruel (ABATE).Visit Lincoln Washington positions at Celadas and “The North Pole” positions.  Sleep at Hotel Orient, Teruel (Right beside the famous Teruel Bullring!).

Thursday 4th November. Drive to Seguro de los Banos (stopping to view Peralajos and the railway tunnel used as shelter by XV Brigade) and visit burial place of Bill Titus and other Brigaders killed here in February 1938. Drive to Fuendetodos near Belchite (birthplace of Goya). Visit Goya Museum. Sleep at Hostal de Capricho de Goya, Fuendetodos.

Friday 5th November. Visit Belchite. Visit Pueblo de Hijar where the American Hospital under Dr. Barsky  was based between August 1937 and March 1938. Follow the Great Retreat from 10th March to 1st April 1938. Drive to La Fatarella and sleep at the Casa Ecologica.

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th November

 Attend Angela Jackson’s No Jubilem la Memoria annual event. This year an improved and more robust interpretative panel will be rededicated at John Cookson’s grave along with a commemoration of John Cookson`s close friend Clarence Kailen, whose family and friends will be there. In addition the XV Brigade cave Estado Mayor which John Cookson left before being mortally wounded in September 1938 as described by Alvah Bessie will be visited over the weekend by the group. Sleep at the Casa Ecologica the nights of 6th & 7th November.

Monday 8th November. Vist the little known Segre Front and a Russian T 26 tank, El Meringue where 500 16 and 17 year old “Baby bottle” troops of the Republican Army were slaughtered after an officer shouted “Come on Boys! We will take this hill like we were eating a meringue!”. Finally the top secret Military school at Tudela de Segre which is in danger of being sold and the artwork and graffiti painted over.  Sleep in the beautiful mountain village of Montsonis.

Tuesday 9th November.  Visit the IB hospital at Santa Coloma de Farners and examine the Archives with list of wounded who were cared for at the hospital. Visit Ripoll where the XV International Brigade was based before leaving France at the end of December 1938. Sleep at La Trobada Hotel in Ripoll

Wednesday 10th November. Visit Figueras to see Castell Sant Ferran where the International Brigades were based after crossing the Pyrenees. Visit the Dali Museum and the Museum of Memorial and Exile at La Jonquera. Sleep at Hotel President, Figueras.

Thursday 11th November. Visit the Walter Benjamin Memorial in Port Bou and Cadaques where Dali lived. Slowly return to Barcelona and the end of the tour in the evening. End of Tour.

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