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March 2010. A group of students from Rostock, Germany admiring the views on top of  Hill 705 in the Sierra Pandols

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Alan Warren writes (henceforth Alan W. as we have Alan Entin on this trip and from henceforth he will be called Alan E.)

With less than four weeks to go before the start of this tour the guest houses and meetings are nearly all prepared. The places that we will visit are not going anywhere-. There are already some interesting surprises along the way and the opportunity for us to all discover some new things.  Each tour that I conduct usually involves a bit of exploring and sometimes the results can be very exciting. For instance three weeks ago we were trying to identify photographs with Ernest Hemingway and Herbert Matthews, correspondents for American newspapers, probably taken at Darmos around April 4th 1938 after the Great Retreats. Talking with a local farmer we were shown the building in the background of some of the photos  (but the building has been altered significantly since then) and a guided tour of other buildings connected with the XV Brigade as they recovered from their losses. We hope to meet our friend Fransisco again soon  and slowly discover more bits and pieces. It seems that as a child at the time he sat on La Pasionaria’s lap whilst being driven round the troop dispositions to meet the troops!

I will be meeting Parkie Parker (see the first page for a brief introduction) on the 26th October and we will be visiting the Salamanca Military Archives on 27th October, before Alan E  and Josie fly in on the 28th. I am not sure if they will need to rest before we start the tour, but they will have all day to recover, rest and then start on the 29th October to visit Jarama.

So everything is nearly ready and I will meet Parkie on the evening of the 28th in Madrid and go from there.

However, for next week I am meeting a group of 29 Norwegians and assisting taking them to some unknown places on the Ebro….

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