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Republican flag on Hill 666 overlooking Hill 481 (“The Hill of Death”).

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6th October 2010.

Though this is only the preparative stage new opportunities are constantly emerging. Only yesterday I have been approached by Aragon TV who are asking for assistance in making a 6 part television series on the Aragon Front. Though we are still in negotiation, it may be possible that Parkie and Josie may be interviewed for the programme. What is for certain is that I will try to make the producers aware of Edward Muscala.  But who is Edward Muscala? You will find out in due course during the tour, but for now see what you can find out. Here is a clue. He was in the Lincoln-Washington battalion………

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  1. My father is Tony (Anthony) DeMaio, a veteran of the Lincoln Brigade. It is my understanding that he sailed to Spain on the Normandie on Dec. 25, 1936, saw action at Jarama and Gandesa and was in Spanish Military Intelligence. Please keep me updated to this site and other activities.

    • Dear Dan,

      Your father is A VERY INTERESTING MAN!!! As you may know, he was working for SIM (Servicio Inteligencia Militar) in the XV Brigade as a Captain and was involved in the International Brigade Prison at Castelldefels where the graffiti written by those incarcerated is still preserved. Sadly the story of this prison is not a pretty one, but I would like to think that it is a warning how absolute power can affect people’s actions, regardless of which side. I really do think that Power does corrupt! If you wish to come just please be prepared for a not so comfortable account of what happened here (though this does not directly involve your father), There was a similar camp called Camp Lukacs near Albacete which we are working on, but we have still to discover where it actually was.

      As you say, he was in action at Jarama and was also wounded on the Sierra Pandols during the Battle of the Ebro. He mentions one hospital that he was sent to after being wounded where he thought that something odd was going on and escaped to an IB hospital after a case of acute blood poisoning which he acquired at this hospital but which he luckily survived.

      If you ever wished to visit Spain to see these places it would be fascinating to hear about your father, first hand, so to speak, from his son. Let me know if you would like to come , perhaps with family, or friends to make it less expensive (3 or 4 is ideal). Just give me a window of dates that could suit you and it would be a pleasure to show you round some of the places connected with your father.


  2. My uncle, Phil Schachter, volunteered in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and was killed in the Battle of Brunete. I wanted to know if there will be a commemoration for the 75th anniversary of this battle in Spain in July, 2012. I would like to go to Spain in honor of my Uncle Phil’s life and idealism, and bring my teen-age daughters with me.
    Please let me know who I might contact to learn about this and anyone else who is a descendant of volunteers who died in Brunete.
    Thank you,

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