We’re off to Sunny Spain to make the People smile again…..

The 2008 American tour in front of the Paper Mill at Marca. Alan Entin is standing second from the left with the beard and Josie is standing second from the right (without the beard). Seated in the centre is Irish Brigader Bob Doyle who joined us on part of the trip

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Welcome to this Blog to do with three intrepid Americans who are joining me to explore the places in Spain where members of their family fought as members of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939.

The itinerary page shows where we will be going from Madrid to Barcelona over two weeks. This will be an intensive and emotional tour visiting places that are only now being discovered.


The Paper Mill in June 1938 with officers of the XV Brigade on appointment of the new Brigade commander, Jose Valledor.


My name is Alan Warren and I am an historian and publisher of books on the Spanish Civil War and the International Brigades. Two years ago I decided to move to Catalonia to make a change of life and to explore the places and Archives here in Spain. The tours that I offer are described in more detail in www.hill705.wordpress.com and a new co-operative group of English, Catalans and Germans has been started this year. Look up www.pdlhistoria.wordpress.com aswell.

In order to concentrate on setting up my new lifestyle  and organising the very successful tours over the past year the book publishing side of things has been on hold for the past year. However, this will soon start up again in February 2011. The website for Warren & Pell Publishing  books (www.warrenandpellpublishing.co.uk) has details of the books available (and a humble apology for my neglect. That will make you want to read it!).


Three Americans will be taking part in this tour. I also hope that they can contribute their thoughts and photos as we go each evening and keep you updated as to what we experience. Whether it will be every day will depend on internet access and if I have the energy! But I will try. Your responses will be helpful too.



Alan Entin

Above:A photograph of Bernie Entin at his graduation, June 1931

Below: Bernie, (right) on the picket line, 1937.

Alan Entin is the nephew of Bernard “Butch” Entin (born 1st March 1915), who was killed at Brunete on 25th July 1937. Over the next couple of weeks I will add more information about Bernard and Alan and how his quest to find his uncle has led him to Spain. We already know each other as he and Josie Yurek (see below) took part with eight other Americans in one of the first tours that I conducted two years ago of the Ebro battlefield in October 2008 after the Commemoration in Sitges of the 70th Anniversary of the Leaving of the International Brigades. So we know each other already and this will be the Big One for Alan. More information to follow.


Josie Yurek & American Brigader Matti Mattison in Sitges at the commemoration of the Leaving of the International Brigades in October 2008. Matti is still alive & has been granted Spanish citizenship earlier this year

Centre:  Steve Nelson, Brunete 1937. The African American beside him may be Oliver Law, commander of the Lincoln battalion at Brunete?

Josie Yurek is the daughter of Steve Nelson, commissar of the Lincoln battalion and a well respected member of the Lincoln Brigade. Steve was badly wounded at Belchite in September 1937 and we will be taking Josie not only there  (as we did in October 2008) but also the location of the recently discovered American Hospital at Pueblo de Hijar and which Steve graphically describes in his autobiography in Spain “The Volunteers”.











Propaganda photograph of Steve Nelson in Republican Army uniform for a tour of the United States to raise support for the Republic and Lincoln Brigade on his return from Spain after having been wounded at Belchite in September 1937.


Vaughan or as he likes to be called “Parkie” Parker hails from California and he is the oldest of the group. He also sounds like a very fit and active person. Parkie is the half brother of Eric de Witt Parker who was the commissar of the Lincoln Washington battalion in March 1938 and was killed on his first day of action on 10th March 1938. This will be a very emotional journey for Parkie as it is possible to show him the exact spot where Eric was killed near Belchite.

Eric de Witt Parker seated on left smoking a pipe. Standing is Karl Gustafsen, probably Bernard K. Gustafsen from Westfield, MA. who also went to Spain in february 1937 and is recorded as missing near Gandesa during the Great Retreats on April 3rd 1938. Seated to the right is Hugo deGregory, a close political friend of Eric.

l to r. Crawford Morgan, Milo Markowitz, Eric de Witt Parker & Langston Hughes, October 1937

This is just the skeleton of the Blog and in the next few weeks it will expand. Please keep in touch and send us questions, comments, suggestions  and so forth. Hopefully you will get an idea of what there is to see and if you would like a tour at a later date then just contact me. For ease of contact and an immediate response whilst on the tour please e mail me on hill705@gmail.com

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  1. Wow, you even have a picture of my brother! His real name is DeWitt Webster Parker. He used Eric, a pseudonym, while in Spain.

    I have at least one picture, which I will digitize and post in the next few days.

    • Thanks Parkie. I look forward to receiving the photo and putting it on this blog if you wish.

      Alan W.

      • Actually, I believe that he used the name Eric when he was in Paris processing American volunteers.

  2. and I just sent you a copy of my Uncle Bernie’s photo to add

  3. I just noticed this chance to comment. And to check that I want to be notified.

    It’s going to be a great trip!!

  4. DeWitt Parker was my father’s (Alex MacNutt)best friend at Annuisquam, MA.
    We have a picture of the two of them in a dory off Cambridge Ave. beach. Actually my son now has the picture – I could get him to scan it if anyone is interested. Small world – my son now lives in Madrid!

  5. Mr. Warren, when Cataluña is going to be independent?

    • Probably after the Elections on 21-D? I have Spanish friends who were for “No”, but last week, one publically said that she now feels more Catalan than Spanish now, and will vote for Parties that are in favour of Independence.

      There is a great sense of optimism here. Word is that Rajoy was told to back off by Europe. The suggestion is reform the 1978 Constitution and create a Federal Spain with greater autonomy for the Regions. Exactly what Catalonia was asking for.

      Sadly, no Republic, but that might still come!

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